Learning and Resources

Make staying prepared for wildfire easy.

What is the Wildland Urban Interface?

A wildland–urban interface refers to the zone of transition between unoccupied land and human development. Communities that are within a half mile of the zone may also be included. These lands and communities adjacent to and surrounded by wildlands are at risk of wildfires.

Local Conditions

Prepared.ly is meant to help you remain proactive by sending periodic, unobstrusive notifications. Stay tuned for alerts from AFD when there is a high wildfire risk due to weather or other circumstances, and for reminders of simple ways to remain prepared. You can set your alert preferences here.

Texas Forest Service

Find out more about locations in the Wildland Urban Interface, review detailed landscape characteristics, historical weather patterns and more.

Ready, Set, Go!

Austin and the Texas Forest Service (check) have produced the Ready, Set, Go! guide to help you prepare and respond during emergency situations. Read the Ready, Set, Go! PDF and make sure you've taken steps to avoid and prepare for emergencies.

Watch this short Ready, Set, Go! introductory video about the devastating speed of wildfires driven by winds and flying embers, then begin preparing your home with the tips in this Ready, Set, Go! how-to video.

Become a Firewise Community

If you live in an at-risk area or WUI, becoming a Firewise Community makes a big difference in insuring your area is safer. Learn about other Firewise Communities, organize a Firewise Day, create a community action plan and more.

Get started here on the five steps to becoming a Firewise community. For step 1, contact Austin Fire Department or your state liaison if you're in a different area.

Contact AFD

Wildfire Prevention expert Lt. Josh Portie and other specialists at AFD are available to answer brief questions and coordinate on-site & neighborhood visits in the Austin area. Ask a question here.