Make staying prepared
simple and easy


What is it?

Overview is a simple way for you to stay informed and proactive about the ongoing threat of wildfires.


Receive non-emergency expert suggestions, National Weather Service fire weather forecasts and alerts, and more.


Visualize your home’s proximity to the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI), understand local conditions and view your estimated realtime risk.

Customized Advice

Schedule email and SMS reminders to complete wildfire preparedness tasks, track your progress, submit questions to wildfire experts.


Local Conditions

Review realtime conditions and understand how they relate to your area’s wildfire risk.


Organize your neighbors to participate in community clean-up days, share your progress on social media and invite your friends to


Add comments about prevention tasks, submit questions to the Fire Department and help less tech-savvy neighbors with prevention efforts.

Get started!

Prepare your home and property with tasks suggested by wildfire prevention experts and suggest new activities.

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Invite your neighbors and friends to participate in prevention efforts and community cleanup days.

On-Site Education

Schedule on-site consultations for your home and neighborhood with wildfire prevention experts.


Review nationally accepted safety standards including best practices for home & property improvements and becoming a Firewise community.

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