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Make staying prepared for wildfire fun and easy.

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In 2011, over 1300 homes were destroyed in Bastrop County due to wildfire.

We don’t want that to happen to you. We’ve developed an easy-to-use application that brings together a variety of checklists and fire tools, and gives them to you in a manageable, timely, and actionable form. Get to know Prepared.ly a little better by checking out our video. We're brought to you by the City of Austin and Code for America, and we're here to help you stay more prepared for wildfire.

Enter your address, and see your house on the map.

You'll also see an assessment of your risk level, current weather conditions, and burn ban information.

Stay prepared with the abilty to accept, share, and create tasks for you and your neighborhood via text, email or Twitter.

Use this tool to accept or decline tasks, as well as get some background on why they are important. Think something's important that you don't see? You'll have the ability to add your own, and share it with your neighbors.

Set up notifications to stay on top of things, and up to date with weather conditions.

Set up custom alerts so that you can decide when you want to schedule a task, and be aware of high alert days and changes in weather conditions. We only want to notify you of things you want to know about, and promise not to send you messages that you didn't ask for.

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